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Kibbles vs. Freeze-Dried Raw Meals: Can Diet Increase Dog’s Lifespan?

A study by Lippert and Sapy suggests that diet can play a significant role in a dog’s longevity. Their study showed that when dogs are fed high quality meals, they lived up to ~3 years longer than dogs fed on commercial food2

This study points to a corelation between a high quality diet, such as freeze-dried raw meals, and increase lifespan.  High quality meals, like freeze-dried raw meals, appear to have a distinct advantage over industrially processed foods like kibbles.

The crux lies in the quality of the food and its ability to be absorbed efficiently by the dogs’ digestive system. Freeze-dried raw meals maintain the basic quality of food, providing natural nutrition that is easy for pets’ to digest. The result? Better overall health that may well translate to less visits to the vet and an increased lifespan.

Conversely, industrially processed foods often undergo physical treatments like high temperatures and the use of chemicals and food additives. The high heat destroys nutrients, vitamins and minerals and can result in food that may be difficult for your dog to digest, potentially compromising their health and well being in the long term.1

In light of the above and the benefits of high quality meals, it’s worth exploring Bailey+Co freeze dried raw meals as an option for your furry friends!

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